The DIY misting systems can be used in various residential and commercial applications

 Mist cooling has a large number of cost effective benefits, evaporative cooling, dust control, increasing productivity, reducing mosquitoes and insects and providing a pleasant cool environment.

Besides normal patio applications, this system works exceptionally well in greenhouse applications

Place mist line around the perimeter of the area to be cooled. This forms a mist curtain, a cooling barrier between the protected area and the outside heat.

The ability to cool outdoor areas depends on one major factor, the wind. With either light wind or no wind you can achieve some remarkable results depending on temperature and humidity


Cool any Area


• Patio

• Deck

• Greenhouses

• Pool Areas

• Pets Areas Stables & Animal Areas


Quickly attach to Umbrellas, Fences, Tents, Canvas and more.


 Our DIY Standard Kit Contains:


• 8mtrs x  Flexible Tube

    (4mtr lead line to First Nozzle)

• 5 x  Misting Nozzles

• 1 x Tap Adapter with Filter Screen

• 4 x T-Piece with Retainer Caps– Secure Fit

• 1 x Elbow with Retainer Caps- Secure Fit

• 10 x Saddles

How it works

Water gets pushed through the tubing and then forced through the misting nozzles. This breaks the water up in tiny water drops which then flash evaporate heat reducing the temperature by 12°c - 15°c depending on general humidity and wind conditions . The cooling mist effect which is so fine that it does not wet people .Mist cooling systems consume far less energy in comparison to air-conditioning

Systems can be installed outside office areas and restaurants.. Evaporative cooling with mist reduces heat and attracts customers to restaurants on hot days.


Uses approximately 1.7ltrs per nozzle per hour.

Double Kits and Customized sizes are available on request.

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